Welcoming place that

engages each child.

Welcome to Raysfield Pre-School

Raysfield Pre-School Playgroup is registered as a ‘Full Day Care Provider’ and meets in Dodington Parish Hall, Finch Road, Chipping Sodbury, within the grounds of Raysfield Infants and Junior Schools.

We are a committee run pre-school which was opened in 1977 and serves families living in the local area. The setting shares the accommodation with other user groups, as it is a community hall owned by Dodington Parish Council.

We are managed by a voluntary committee whose members are voted for by the group’s parents at the AGM. The committee is fundamental to the running of the group. They deal with the employment of staff, organising fund raising events, and ensuring the group’s financial well being.

Friendly atmosphere plus

quality child care.

We care for each child on an individual basis offering opportunities for them to develop at their own pace to become independent and make their own choices. We work in partnership with parents caring for their child, recording and monitoring their progress throughout their time with us and preparing them for their transition to school.

Dedicated classrooms with

top skilled educators.

“Our staff consists of a pre-school manager, deputy manager and seven pre-school assistants all with experience in early childhood care, supported by a pre-school administrator’

Healthy Snacks

Locally Sourced.

All our pre-school snacks are locally sourced from around the local area.

We offer a snack bar to children during both morning and afternoon sessions at Raysfield Preschool. During snack time children are offered milk alongside water which is available all day. The children will have the opportunity to visit our snack bar during their free flow play. In the morning the children have a choice of cereal/toast and fruit and in the afternoon, savory items for example; cheese and biscuits, crumpets or muffins with a selection of fruit.

Drinking water is available at any time

both inside and outside.

Children are welcome to bring in their own water bottle but as we are a healthy eating pre-school

we ask it only contains water and not juice.

To support all children’s growing independence all children are given the opportunity to cut the fruit for a snack using special children’s safety knives, supervised by an adult. They are encouraged to self-select their own food and drink and when finished to wash their own cup and bowl up.